Who we are

We are young innovative company specialising in the development, production and sale of silicate paints.

We specialise in silicate facade, interior and anti-corrosion paints.

History of the company

Although we are a relatively new company, we are inseparably linked to TONASO Holding, a.s. The history of this company dates back to the 19th century when the production of water glasses, amongst others, was launched in Brno (Hochstetter and Schickardt) and in 1905 TONASO was established by the Belgian inventor named Solvay.


Establishment of the “Solvay Works”

In 1905 the firm owned by the Belgian Ernest Solvay (see photograph), the inventor of the SOLVAY soda production technology, chose Neštěmice near Ústí nad Labem as the site for the establishment of a soda factory, as it was ideally situated between the Elbe River and the railway line from Prague to Dresden. Raw materials, particularly rock salt, were imported via this cheap water route.



Production boom

In 1908 the first tons of soda left the plant and for the next 86 years the “Solvay Works”, later TOvárna NA SOdu (Soda Factory) became the monopoly producer of anhydrous sodium carbonate for the Czech lands and later Czechoslovakia. Soda was supplied primarily to the glass industry.


Period before the end of World War Two

A precipitated calcium carbonate factory was built in 1921. Production started a year later, in 1922.

In 1937, after the recession, the company started producing 30 wagons of soda a day.

During the Second World War production was under German control and focused mainly on the manufacture of sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide and precipitated calcium carbonate.


Period until the Velvet Revolution

After liberation the Solvay factory was nationalised in 1945 and renamed as Továrna na sodu (Soda Factory), abbreviated to Tonaso. The site, covering more than 38 hectares, employed over 1 100 people. Until the end of the 1980s the plant mainly produced soda (before the war its annual output was 70 thousand tons; in around 1983 the figure was 120 thousand), after which it focused primarily on producing chromium salts, calcium chloride, ammonium chloride, road salt and wood stains.

1991 – the present day

Economic transformation

In 1991 the production of soda ceased; besides environmental reasons, the condition of the production buildings and technology led the company management to decide to stop producing soda and draw up a project to remove the old environmental burden of the plant.

The decision to stop producing soda, and thus also certain related products, resulted in a fundamental change to the production programme and the overall organisation of the business.

In connection with the change to the production programme the TONASO Industrial Zone was established within the company’s complex; this zone is also included in the Ústí nad Labem zoning plan, in which the existing buildings and areas are used for a variety of business activities within the framework of TONASO Holding.


Establishment of Vodní sklo a. s.

In 2007 the joint stock company Vodní sklo was established as a manufacturer of silicates and calcium chloride.

The company’s main portfolio comprises sodium, potassium and lithium water glasses, foundry binders, flow agents, calcium chloride and precipitated calcium carbonate.

One of the company’s aims is to use the latest research findings and new technologies focused on the foundry, paper, construction and chemical industries.

Tonaso Coatings


Establishment of Tonaso Coatings

A new company was established as part of Tonaso Holding, Tonaso Coatings, s.r.o., specialising in the production of silicate and anti-corrosion paints.