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Our product line INTERSIL will brighten any interior space while protecting it from mold.

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EXTERSIL have been developed for maximum performance, high breathability for water vapor, exceptional weathering resistance and weather conditions.

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Anticorrosive silicate paint

silCorr Uno - Tonaso Coatings

Anticorrosive silicate paint SilCorr containing zinc is suitable for base coats in the manufacture of steel structures and similar products.

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All our products are made in the Czech Republic

All products of TONASO COATINGS (interior, exterior silicate paints as well as anticorrosion paints) are produced in the private czech company with the czech ownership in the Czech Republic.

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Water glass

The binder of our paints is made of water glass, the production of which has many years of experience. It has a high resistance to UV radiation and, in addition, it is absolutely resistant to weathering.

Customer focus

Based on customer wishes, we are able to customize the properties of our products.


The source of our manufacturing raw materials is only verified suppliers based on ISO standards and internal quality certification standards.

Ecology and Sustainable Development

We don´t use solvents, preservatives or plasticizers with water glass. Our products from production, through application to the lifetime of the coating show excellent ecological properties.